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Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands and is located in the central Sea. With motivation
"Island of contrasts" Kefalonia welcomes visitors for its many beautiful beaches
and the towering mountain Ainos with 1628 meters altitude. Rare and special geological phenomena
such as sinks, limnospilaio Melissani and the amazing cave of Drogarati is also
some of the sights. On the southeast side of Kefalonia is the picturesque village
Poros. The erstwhile small anchorage, has evolved over time and nowadays the port
Poros Kefalonia is the largest gateway. The linear growth of the settlement in relation
the coastline and the rich green, natural environment, make Poros place very picturesque.
The Torrent Vochinas splits the village and passes by the impressive narrow gorge of Poros.
The beautiful pebble beach, combined with mild tourist development, offered for peaceful
summer holiday. The monastery Atros, the oldest on Kefalonia, the namesake mountain above Poros,
the vaulted Mycenaean tomb in Tzanata 2.5 mm. of Poros and the cave Drakena with findings from the 5700 example
the Strait of Poros are some of the sights that the visitor can see.

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